Coach Bolts (5)

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Commonly used as a heavy-duty fastening solution.

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Coach Bolts M8 x 130mm (5) UB3145. Coach Screw M8 x 100mm (5) UB3024. Coach Screw M8 x 75mm (5) UB3018.

Coach bolts, also known as carriage bolts, derive their name from their historical use in fastening the wooden components of horse-drawn carriages. Their design features a shallow domed head, which can be square, circular, or hexagonal, serving two main purposes. Firstly, it prevents the bolt from loosening on one side, crucial for maintaining the integrity of wooden structures. Secondly, it prevents the bolt from being pulled through the wood. The installation and removal of coach bolts are unique due to their domed head, requiring tools such as wrenches, spanners, or pliers for turning, rather than methods that push the bolt axially.

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